MrFalafel's Pumpkin Pie

This tastes just like regular pumpkin pie--you'd never guess it has tofu!

1 unbaked 9-inch pie crust
12 oz silken tofu (use one of those Mori Nu brand aseptic boxes)
1 can Pumpkin (16 oz)
1 1/2 t cinnamon
3/4 t ginger
1/2 t nutmeg
1 t salt
1 t vanilla
1 1/2 t rice syrup
1 1/3 C sugar
1/3 C oil
  1. Preheat oven to 350F. blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy. Pour this mixture into an unbaked pastry shell.
  2. Bake for one hour.
  3. Chill in the fridge before serving.